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3 Most Haunted Places in Niagara on the Lake

Being “Canada’s Most Haunted Town,” Niagara on the Lake steals the spotlight when it comes to spooky stories. If you live for the thrill of haunted ghost stories, then Niagara on the Lake is the place to be.

Niagara on the Lake is claimed to be the most haunted town in Canada with tons of haunted buildings, places, and stories. This comes as no surprise due to this area's rich history in the 1800s. So, if you want to be spooked visit The Olde Angel Inn, Brockamour Manor, and The Royal George Theatre.

Want to hear more about these spooky destinations? Keep reading!

The Olde Angel Inn

In the heart of Niagara on the Lake, The Olde Angel Inn is a historic pub that was built way back in 1789 under the name of The Harmonius Coach House. In fact, this stands as one of the oldest buildings in Canada.

This Inn has also housed plenty of well-known guests including Prince Edward and Alexander Mackenzie. However, there is one guest in particular that has yet to leave and is said to still walk the halls and hang out in the bar.

Captain Colin Swayze is the resident ghost of The Olde Angel Inn. It is said that on the night he decided to make a stop at the pub and visit his true love, the Americans came and he was forced into a barrel in the basement cellar, the place where he was killed.

Both employees at the Inn and patrons have plenty of stories to tell about objects being moved well over 10 feet, whistling being heard, and doors opening all on their own.

Just remember, if you choose to take a trip down to this bar, don’t be surprised when Captain Swayze makes himself known.

Brockamour Manor

Another love story turned hotel haunting can be found at Brockamour Manor, a bed and breakfast that remains as a historical site that was built in 1809. Captain John Powell built the manor, originally called The Powell House, for his wife Isabella.

Isabella's sister, Sophia was also a frequent visitor. She fell in love with a man who visited by the name of Isaac Brock. Brock frequently went around Canada in the 1800s during the tension with Britain but came back to see his love Sophia when he could.

Unfortunately, during the war of 1812, he died in battle, breaking Sophia’s heart, leading to the renaming of The Powell House to Brockamour Manor, which means “love of Brock.”

Sophia was said to have stayed at the manor with her sister until her passing, but, many say she is still there. Stories of seeing her walking around, or sobbing near an armoire are frequent stories the owner hears about and shares with others.

The Royal George Theatre

This theatre was built in 1915 by Mrs. Norris for the purpose of entertaining the troops during the first world war, on the past land of Mr. Cambell’s blacksmith shop. However, it wasn’t until one of the heads of lighting design, Jeffrey Dallas, passed after 1989 that spooky things started happening.

Not only is Dallas a resident ghost, but so is a woman by the name of Nancy Kerr, a former actress. While Dallas still chooses to mess with what he loved most, the lights, Kerr seems to push actors around on stage to help them out when they are frozen.

Many other stories of seeing people then them disappearing within seconds have been told, with plenty of people experiencing it so frequently it spooked them to come to work. If you want to experience a little action from the spirit world, visiting this theatre should definitely be on your bucket list.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of other haunted buildings and stories that live on and plenty of ghosts in the town of Niagara on the Lake. If you wanted to be spooked this fall season, or any season for that matter, then this town is a must-see.

If you want to take a walk around Niagara on the Lake and experience its haunted past, we will be releasing a Ghost Tour very soon! Download our app the Appstore or Google Play & check back soon!

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