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The 7 Best Things to Do on Vacation in Niagara

Are you planning a trip to the city of Niagara and want to create a list of things to do? We have done the work for you and brought together some experiences in Niagara you won’t want to miss out on.

The best things to do in Niagara on a vacation or day trip includes visiting Clifton Hill, going behind the Niagara Falls, touring the city, going on the Niagara Zipline, seeing tons of birds at the Bird Kingdom, going on the Niagara Skywheel, and visiting Niagara on the Lake for some wine tasting.

Whether you are vacationing to Niagara with your family, friends, someone special, or decided to hit the road by yourself, there is plenty on this list that everyone will love. Keep reading to find out more about each of these exciting things to do while in Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake!

Photo of Niagara Falls, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
The Horseshoe Canadian Falls

Visit Clifton Hill

Did you even go to Niagara Falls if you didn’t walk up and down Clifton Hill? This famous street is filled with fun stores and tons of different things for both adults and kids to do.

If you're hungry, the Rainforest Cafe is an exciting jungle-themed restaurant that kids will love. If you want to see some odd sights, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum was made for amusement seekers.

Whether you want to eat, play games, go on rides, go mini putting or just walk around and shop, Clifton Hill is the place to be.

Journey Behind the Falls

Feel the roar of the falls as you adventure down to the depths of Niagara Falls. This is an amazing sight to see and one that will take your breath away. You may even get a little wet, however, seeing the falls up close in front of you makes it worth every drop.

Tour the City with Waypointz

Tour the city of Niagara and explore Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake exactly how you want to. With Waypointz all you have to do is download the app to your phone, purchase the tour for less than $20, set it up in your car, and press play.

This tour can take just 2 hours or up to 2 days depending on how often you stop along the way. This tour is one of a kind and allows you to take your time, stop for pictures or a bite to eat and be sure that you are at a safe distance from others.

No more riding on a tour bus with strangers or being rushed to the next stop. Let Waypointz be your guide on your Vacation in Niagara.

Niagara Zipline

If you want to experience a seriously breathtaking view, the WildPlay Zipline To The Falls is the ride for you. This zipline takes you into the gorge near the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

On your ride of 670 metres (2,200 feet), you will pass by the American Falls and land on an observation deck near the Horseshoe Falls base. This worry-free ride was made for adventure seekers and even those who may not love the idea of gliding through the sky.

For guests over the age of 7, this truly is a ride of a lifetime.

See the Birds at the Bird Kingdom

The Bird Kingdom is filled with tropical birds and animals that those of any age would love to see. As you adventure through a rainforest you will meet parrots and other exotic animals.

You can also visit the Old Museum or the Night Jungle and see some owls, bats, and other nocturnal animals that you may never see anywhere else. You can even feed some friendly lorikeet birds.

The Bird Kingdom is open all year, is wheelchair accessible, and takes you on a 1-hour adventure like never before.

Go on the Niagara SkyWheel

If you have been to Niagara before, it is hard to miss the Skywheel that provides a 175 foot (53 metre) view of the Falls. This once in a lifetime opportunity gives you an unreal view of Niagara Falls that you can experience in the day or at night when they light up the waterfalls.

This experience is one you won’t want to miss. If you are scared of heights, you don’t have to worry as you are fully enclosed in a gondola that even has heating and air-conditioning year-round. If you wanted to see the beauty that is Niagara Falls, this is a ride you do not want to miss out on.

Go Wine Tasting in Niagara on the Lake

For the adults on the trip, wine tasting is a must when visiting Niagara. The beautiful wine country of Niagara on the Lake provides you with limitless amounts of Wine Tours and wineries for you to explore including Trius Winery & Restaurant, No. 99 Winery of Wayne Gretzky Estates, and Jackson Triggs Winery.

Spending your day in Niagara on the Lake, sipping wine with friends, and enjoying a delicious bite to eat is the best way to spend an afternoon in Niagara.

Niagara is a beautiful city filled with beautiful sites and some of the most exciting things to do. If you are looking for activities you can find in Niagara Falls on vacation, these are the things you have to add to your itinerary.

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